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Marnie Cowell’s book on the secrets of princess scallops provides important information and delicious recipes for princess scallops, including recipes from all over the world. The ebook is linked below, and she recommends that one downloads it and reads it when they have time.

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What should I do with princess scallops?

Because these certified aquacultured live princess scallops vary in size according to their age, one thinks of procedures rather than precise recipes. Whether you are interested in starters or comfort food there are few things to bear in mind. Rinse off the shells and remove any excess barnacles and seaweed growth. Cook just long enough to make the shells pop open. Even the largest size Princess scallops almost never need more than 4 minutes cooking. Raw scallops are very easy to shuck by inserting a knife in the narrow space at the hingeand they have a briny taste which may become your favorite. (Quote from Marie Cowell in her book titled “Princess Scallop Secrets”)

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